About the Campaign

About the Campaign

BETA is a Beirut-based non-profit and non-governmental organization that works for the ethical treatment of animals in Lebanon. 

Through education and direct action, we work to prevent animal overpopulation and cruelty, as well as to encourage a society that treats animals with compassion. 

A large part of our program is providing rehabilitation and a safe haven for abused and abandoned animals, while striving to find them loving and permanent homes. We do this for all animals, including dogs for whom we have a specialized shelter. 

Unfortunately, our shelter is now completely full. We no longer have the space or funds to take in more abused and abandoned dogs. 

Many of our animals have permanent injuries due to abuse and the majority are fully-grown dogs not puppies. These two factors make them less likely to be adopted. In addition, we do not believe in euthanasia either and it is not an option to put our animals down if we cannot find them homes. 

As a result, due to very low adoption rates in Lebanon, we simply cannot keep up with the demand. We have been forced to send our dogs to specialized facilities abroad where they can be re-homed. 

You can use this website to get to know our dogs and donate to our shelter to keep them in Lebanon or donate to our rehoming program to give them an opportunity abroad. If you wish to adopt a dog locally in Lebanon or internationally anywhere in the world you can also do so through the website. We welcome any kind of help.